Who’s that girl

My name is Iro and I am the brain behind the lifestyle blog, Hiroine the Blog. Born and raised in Greece, I started blogging in 2015 with an aim to promote the handmade clothing line I was running back in the days while I was living in London. A year after, I moved to Washington D.C. and then Hong Kong to pursue positions in project management and e-commerce and this is when the travel section emerged. Little did I know at the time that a year later my blog would become my full time profession. It has become a visual storybook of my perspective, aesthetics and whatever appeals to my hungry eyes. Hiroine the Blog was nominated as Best Lifestyle Blog of the year 2018 by Marie Claire Magazine.
I’m an ambitious gal, entrepreneur at heart and travel enthusiast. Plus, I’m totally obsessed with denim pieces, avocado toast, snowboarding and the Cyclades.
Since 2018, I am also the owner and creative director of Shop Hiroine.
P.S. For those still wondering, @hiroine is derived from my name Iro + heroine (yes, I do consider myself a modern heroine of this world!)
Have a wonderful journey to my blog youngsters of this fascinating world.
And don’t forget to spread the love along the way.
 Iro ♡


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