Now You Know Where to Get Your Next Jewellery From | Larooz

Shine bright with jewellery that won't break the bank.

Hey youngsters,

It’s been quite a long time since I lasted posted on the blog.

November has been a super busy month from the start, full of projects and new collaborations. But there’s always some “me” time in between where I’m out and about shopping and discovering new finds in fashion. This is why I wanted to introduce you to an amazing jewellery store, Larooz. Located in Thessaloniki, it’s the perfect place to shop gems for special occasions and even some treats for yourself. 

Below you will find some pictures with the jewellery I picked. Let me know about your thoughts by leaving a comment!:)

Jewellery | Larooz
Jewellery | Larooz
Bracelet & Solitaire Ring: Yellow Gold 14K with Zircon
Jewellery | Larooz
Upper Bracelet: Platinum Gold 9K with Zircon
Chain & Rings: Platinum Gold 14K with Zircon
Jewellery | Larooz
Jewellery | Larooz

I feel like we should always reward ourselves with beautiful jewellery – like these that won’t break the bank. And let’s not forget to shine bright in them (Rihanna style 😉 ).


Iro â™¡

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