How to Wear a Mesh Dress

You style guide for the latest trend of the season, the mesh dress.

Hey youngsters,

How has May been so far?

Well, at least for me, it’s been awesome. The weather in Athens is getting really warm though, with temperatures constantly rising. Yep, it kinda feels like summer already.

In my previous post, I mentioned my mom’s amazing talent in fashion. She is able to transform any piece of cloth into an actual haute couture piece in a second. This is how she went with the mesh dress which she then finished with a rosy embroidery. Now that’s extravagant.

Outfit in Mesh Dress

Streetstyle in Mesh Dress

The piece can be literally worn from day to night adding an avant garde vibe. You can match it with a pair of jeans and your sneakers, like I did, for a cool street-style outfit (a pair of leggings and a crop top could also work!). Or, you could add a pair of high heels, skinny jeans and a white tee and you’re ready for the night. Simply.

Streetstyle in Mesh Dress

Wearing: Custom Made Mesh Dress / Spitfire Sunglasses / Brandy Melville Jeans / All Star Converse / Gavello Cross / Zara Crop Top

Streetstyle in Mesh Dress

I adore anything handmade especially when it’s made from the people I love the most.

-Iro xx

P.S.: Let me know about your thoughts!


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