Coachella Outfit Ideas

Outfit ideas for the ultimate festival, Coachella.

Hey youngsters,

It’s festival season in the west and through this post I’m embracing all that characterises it; the bohemian spirit. You might have realised by now that I am a lover for anything handmade or hand-painted. My look says it all. I am wearing a jean jacket which is beautifully crafted and hand painted with the world’s love by my dearest mom. She’s without a doubt super-talented. Along with this free spirited piece, I am sporting my old school pair of jeans and my nude Hippie Hill pouch bag by the awesome brand Vinge Project. In addition, I completed the look with a pair of round John Lennon style sunnies, my all stars and a super cute top in an amazingly bright colour.

Coachella Outfit Inspiration


Coachella Outfit Inspiration

Coachella Outfit Inspiration


The photo-shooting took place at my favourite Sani Resort during my Easter holidays.

Free spirited and hippie styled; the only part I am missing is an actual ticket to Coachella. But nevertheless, let your creative juices flow ladies. Tis the season to dress creatively.

Embrace spring!


-Iro xx 

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