72 Hours in London

What to do in London in 3 days.

Dear youngsters,

Probably not many of you are aware of the fact that I have lived in London for three years in a row during my undergraduate studies at Cass Business School. It’s to my great surprise that I’ve just realised that there isn’t a single post on the blog about London!! I have so many deep soul-stirring, heart-warming memories in my mind. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I moved to the city of dreams in an attempt to fulfil my aspirations and potential. I met so many amazing people and have been lucky to have found my soulmates. From fancy night outs in Mayfair to hipster-ish brunches in Shoreditch, to dodgy clubs in Hackney, to meeting so many interesting individuals, to feeling the pulse of life running to a maximum, to be experiencing freedom of expression. I love every single bit about London and I’m grateful for the ride I’ve had.

By now, London is a place that I could call my “home away from home”. The truth is that the vibrant and cosmopolitan centre has initiated the early start of my character’s maturity. However, I have to admit that as with many people I know, I also tend to have a love-hate relationship with the city. I remember blaming the weather at times. Then the fast paced rhythm. Then the system and super-expensive cost of living. But looking at everything now from a panoramic perspective, I am confident and fully aware that I miss everything about London. The organisation that is made to perfection, the sense of evolvement, the hip scene.

Thus, I was overwhelmed by my most recent escape to London, during March. I hadn’t been there since my graduation in 2015 which was quite disappointing. But still, when I landed and walked through my old neighbourhood in Belsize Park, I felt as if I never left from the city; as if I traveled through time and found myself back in my 3rd year of university. Deja vu at its best.

Camden Town, London

On my first day I took a long walk on my own in my favourite Borough of Camden, and mostly around Camden market, appreciating the surroundings.

I will just leave you here to travel through my visuals since I believe that pictures speak louder than words at this point. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

Camden Town, London

Outfit in PCP pants

Camden Town, London

Carnaby Street, London

The Ivy Cafe in Marylebone

Outfit in London

Marylebone, London

Outfit in London

Shoreditch, London


I love this article right here so do take a look.

My outfit in Shoreditch, London

Dearest London,

thank you for everything. I truly wait in hope to see what the future brings cause you and I have unfinished business.

Till next time!

-Iro xx

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