How to Embrace Girl Power

A style guide for Valentine's day.

Hey youngsters,

The impeccably cheesy day of the year is coming ahead – yes, you heard that right, VALENTINE’S DAY. Through the years I have developed a couple of my own philosophies. Firstly, I don’t just need that one day in the year to be reminded of how much I love my other half – I make sure to express it to the fullest on a daily basis. Secondly, it’s a chance to make our Tuesday fancier this year, putting on our red lipsticks, our lovebird attitude and have some fun with our darlings. But above all, it’s a reminder that to love others fearlessly, we need to love and respect ourselves first. Thus, you go girls!

But anyways, this post is a tribute to embracing girl power. A guide as to how a classic pink girly satin skirt can be elevated with grunge details. First of all, the net tights and the Girl Gang tee is a combo that I have been swearing by since the start of 2017. They are must haves so I suggest you to drop a visit to this site to get yours in an instant! Complement the outfit with this super cool neoprene bag by PCP Black Label Series with the little elephant detail which can literally be sported from day to night. Put on your playful attitude and you’re good to go! Plus, you’re gonna look effortlessly flawless on this Valentine’s.

Wearing a girl gang t-shirt

Happy Valentine’s everyone. And don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first!

-Iro xx

*Photo Credits: Nina Papakastrisiou*

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