How to Pull Off the Athleisure Trend

Your style guide to the athleisure trend.

Hey youngsters,

In this post, I will expand a little bit on the cosiest, comfiest, coolest trend. I know you know it cause lately you’ve been sporting it too; athleisure!

Apparently, it’s totally acceptable to wear your work out gear from day to night. Whether it’s leggings with a long coat or athletic trousers with high heeled boots, the trend is here to stay and make our lives a lot more casual and loose. Athleisure is basically blurring the lines between the clothes you’d wear to the gym and those you’d wear to lunch. Thus, the true beauty of it is that it’s practical but also very fashionable.

Since I am a fan of silver, I styled my look accordingly. More specifically, I am wearing a lovely see-through black tee by Mind Your Style – make sure to check out this eshop for more goodies on the trend.  Then, my boyfriend’s Brooklyn Nets bomber jacket which is the ultimate piece of the season matched with the pair of shiny silver leggings by Cento Fashion. Finally, I added my Michael Kors grey backpack with studs which is perfect for any occasion as well as Makris sneakers. As for the accessories, you do know by now that a choker and a beanie wouldn’t be missing!



Dressed in athleisure

Athleisure, this effortlessly stylish apparel movement is here to stay, so ladies, it’s time to invest! 😉

-Iro xx

*Photo Credits: Nina Papakastrisiou*


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