How to Sport Winter Très Chic Style

Winter style by Zini Boutique.

Dear youngsters,

The weather all around Europe has been extremely chilly lately, especially in Greece. All I really want to do is cocoon in my soft blanket, procrastinate with a cuppa coffee in my left hand, browse on the web all day long and watch Netflix, fair enough? But hey, winter gives us every reason to get out there and enjoy the ride. To dress fabulously cosy and sport cold-weather style. With a little help from my Zini Boutique team, I am presenting you the most awesome pieces of this week which also happen to be in sale, so hurry up! Get your hands on those serious goodies.

Styled by Zini Boutique

Today on the spotlight is the absolute earthy colour balance of this look. Even though black and white is the ultimate sartorial combo, white and denim result in a cool, fresh combination. I love the winter white colour of the fur piece that is a match made in heaven together with the white shirt with the lace detail and the deep blue pair of super skinny jeans. This look got me feeling so etherial; so awesomely light – like a snowflake.


Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. It would be much appreciated!


-Iro xx

*Pictures by Mara Lazaridou*



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