Why the Bardot Dress is Timeless

How to sport a bardot dress and look fabulous.

Hey youngsters,

Christmas has passed by and I hope that you all had an amazing time with your friends and family. New year’s eve is just around the corner and the extravaganza continues.

I recently digged into my modelling portfolio and bumped into this photoshoot I had a while ago in London. I thought it would be a good time to share it with you guys since, first of all, I love the visuals, secondly, I don’t have any b&w content and thirdly, because I am sporting my-all-time-fav Bardot dress. The trend which was firstly elevated by Brigitte Bardot (as the name suggests), along with Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood has made a dynamic comeback and is definitely here to stay. So, I thought that’s it’s the ideal opportunity to offer you a quick inspiration shot for your NYE outfit!

Wearing a fedora hat and Nasty Gal Bardot Dress

Wearing: Bardot Dress, Fedora Hat, Leggings, Ankle Boots

Wearing a fedora hat and Nasty Gal Bardot Dress

It’s sophisticated, sultry and fun but also unexpectedly flattering! After all the highlight is the elegant sweeping neckline that’s simply to-die-for.

I completed the look (back then) with a pair of black leather leggings, ankle boots and a fedora hat. Bonus tip: Don’t forget that thick, strong Brigitte Bardot-like eyeliner line.

-Iro xx

*Pictures by Louis Gabriel*

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