Why Christmas is the Time for Reflection

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”. Yes, it is – sure it is!

It’s the time when my friends, my family and I come together. It’s the time I crave for the most. It’s the time when people leave their issues aside for a while, putting a festive attitude all over. It’s the time to eat as if there’s no tomorrow. It’s the time to spread the love and make your beloved ones feel special (- something you should normally be doing though on a daily basis.). It’s the time to reflect.

To me, Christmas is a nodal point where I sit down and think about whatever went through the year, the ups and downs, and make my own resolutions for the year ahead. I know that this is a common practice for the New Year but the difference lies in the approach. I usually list my short-term and long-term goals but mainly write about the things I am thankful for.

Within 2016, I was lucky enough to travel around the world, intern in Hong Kong, build on my blog, incorporate art into my daily life and managed to get deeper into the digital marketing industry by taking on a new job. As my busy schedule got in the way, the writing part lessened. However, I still focused on those things every morning and night, making a conscious effort to reflect. This practice allows me to honour the wonderful moments around me.

Christmas time

I believe that it is vital to realise that you are surrounded with so many reasons to be grateful for; the people in your life, the love around you, your health, your ambitions, your reality.

Therefore, each and every day I am struggling to grasp the realisation that “gratitude makes the world go around”. Our busy lives make us focus on the negative aspects more often than not so Christmas acts as a great reminder to stop for a while and become appreciative.

Enjoy this season with your loved ones, and make sure to reflect on all the things that make you thankful.

Have a lovely, jolly Christmas & spread the love around.

-Iro xx


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