48h in Hanoi

Your travel guide to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dear youngsters,

I know I haven’t updated you with any travel-related post lately, so now is the time! Here’s your quick guide to the amazing Hanoi in Vietnam through my very own specs.

The historical capital of Vietnam is best known for its centuries-old architecture and the blend of cultures; Southeast Asian, Chinese and French. The very heart of the city is the extremely chaotic Old Quarter, where passing the street is a highly risky decision. And by this, I mean that there are no traffic lights so no one ever stops! The streets are packed with scooters so in case you visit please make wise decisions as for when is a good time to cross the road.

(Tip: Hold hands with someone so that is gradually becomes less scary!)

The Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam.

When walking on the streets what you will soon realise is the laid back, easy going culture of the locals. Most of the cafes have short stools and there’s a lot of street food around.

Streetfood in Hanoi, Vietnam.


What really impressed me is the variety of street food and the hip culture. You can choose from a variety of local dishes, most commonly noodles and even snack on frogs (ew!). I took my very first traditional Vietnamese lunch at Little Hanoi after being advised through Lonely Planet. As a genuine coffee addict, I was amazed by their local coffee blends which were strong and flavourful. My personal favourite cafe has been Cong Caphe which I strongly recommend you to visit.

Cong Caphe in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam.

When it comes to Hanoi’s nightlife scene, there’s a multitude of interesting things to see and places to go. Most of the city’s lively bars and nightclubs are set around Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter, where you can enjoy street food and all sorts of booze as well as meet with other expats and locals. However, the night is not complete without enjoying Bia Hoi, Vietnamese draft beer while chilling on plastic stools. Hanoi is packed with tourists from all over the world and there is such a friendly and festive atmosphere all around.

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Streetfood in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hanoi Hilton Vietnam.

What I would like to advise you is to meet with the locals and delve into the history of the city.

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”

-Iro xx

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