How to Slay in Ladylike Street Style

A style guide for superb streetstyle.

Dear youngsters,

It is now the fifth week I am spending in Athens, having started a job at a great Digital Marketing Group. It’s all very new to me at this point and I haven’t quite realised how quickly I’ve adjusted to this new lifestyle. In the meantime, my birthday just passed a week ago and by now I am officially a 22-year-old. I am on my way to adulthood but still remain a kid in my heart and soul.

This year I was lucky enough to realise that the whole process of growing up should represent a starting point with regards to our goals for the year (something like the New Year’s resolutions). So, I wrote down my personal goals and ambitions, what I would ideally want to achieve until I turn 23. And fingers crossed, I believe that most of these aspirations will make their entrance into reality. As long as I stay focused and keep my childish excitement, I have the power to actually transform my dreams into reality.

With all these in mind, I move forward with my latest post, which took place a while ago in my beautiful hometown in the historic area of Ladadika, Thessaloniki (which I truly miss-yes, I’m a bit homesick). I would like to present you a couple of awesome pieces you can combine to make an extravagant street stylish outfit with a ladylike character that slays.

How to slay in ladylike streetstyle.

Wearing: Fedora hat (similar) / NA-KD Blouse / Jeans (similar) / NA-KD Pumps / Chain Bag (similar)

How to slay in ladylike streetstyle.

Starting with the latest trend in 2016, the choker shirts are a must. They add that extra stylish bit that’s essential for a ladylike outfit. I also love the deep neckline that’s associated with the particular piece. In addition, a high waist old school pair of denim breaks the formal tone, giving a more street stylish vibe. A fedora hat complements the outfit, adding a bohemian glimpse while the leopard print – and personal favourite – wristlet, is the ultimate playful pop of colour.

How to slay in ladylike streetstyle.

Those who know me well are aware that I am not a particular fan of stilettos. It’s not that I am not fond of them; I just have a hard time walking in them. I need to assure you however that this particular pair is very comfy and the colour is very neutral – almost nude pink. The combinations you can create are endless and through this key piece, you will surely look elegant and neat.

NA-KD fashion suede lace up pumps.

Please provide me with your valuable feedback so that I can trigger my creative juices in the short-run to produce even cooler content.

I wish you all a fabulous start to the week!

Cheers peeps,

-Iro xx

*Photos: Vagelis Anthimos*


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