Why Mix & Match is on Point

Learn all about mix and matching styles.

Dear youngsters,

Hope everything is well with you! This is the latest outfit post I am sharing and is a blend of the latest trends in a mix and match situation which – as the title suggests- is on point. Why? Because it’s just so imaginative and original while it can truly reflect your playful personality.

Mix and match outfit.

Wearing: Spitfire Sunglasses / Miss Bikini Clutch / PCP Black Label Pants / Cubic White Shirt / Bralet (All from Elegance + Store)/ Zara Hat  / H&M Choker / Pederred Sneaks


II believe that it’s just needless to say that hats and shirts rank amongst my all time favourite combos. The end result is oh-so-chic. Combining a pair of velvet culottes with a more classic piece of clothing, a plain shirt, gets you fully dressed up this season. As you can see,  I chose to add a lace bralet to the upper part just to add the extra edgy hint.


Mix and match outfit.

A fedora hat, a boyfriend’s shirt, a velvet pair of culottes and sneaks are all you need to be on fleek. Plus, a choker-my personal favourite accessory.  So lovelies, please dare. Create sophisticated outfits that express your personality and don’t forget to add a bit of edge. Try out the combo and let me know what you think!

-Iro xx

*All photos by: Vagelis Anthimos

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