Why Baby Blue is a Winner

A style guide for sporting the ultimate winner, the baby blue colour.

Dear youngsters,

How have you been?

As I promised you in the previous post, I have a lot of mesmerising content to share with you.

Here is one of my very few street styles with bright colours. Having been a lover of dark colours, I was confused enough on how a baby blue outfit would look. Apparently, it ROCKED. And here’s the visual story.

Dressed in a baby blue outfit.

Wearing: Ziztar Coat & Skirt / T-shirt / Silver Jewellery (All from Elegance + Store) / Josefinas Portugal Shoes / Nasty Gal Bag / H&M Hairband / NA-KD Simple Knot Chain Choker

 Ziztar is an amazingly unique brand from Hong Kong designers, who produce the most interesting and fashion-forward clothing lines. I matched the coat and skirt with a simple white tee and the handmade pair of sneakers by the Portuguese brand Josefinas. Plus, I thought that some simple silver jewellery would complement the look to perfection.

Dressed in a baby blue outfit.

Dressed in a baby blue outfit.

Popping colour to that extend was seriously refreshing. You should try it out yourself and please don’t hesitate to let me know how it feels. And don’t forget to embrace yourself; it feels so damn good.

-Iro xx

*All photos by: Vagelis Anthimos


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