48h in Paxi Island

Let me take you through the most romantic island of the Ionian Sea.

Dear youngsters,

In this post I would like to take you through the smallest island group in the Ionean Sea, yet the most romantic. Paxos and Antipaxos are characterised by their blend of Italian and Greek influences.

My very first stop was at  Erimitis Bar and Restaurant. The place is well known for the best view of the sunset and for their amazing cocktails.  I seriously found myself lost in the beauty of the scenery.

Erimitis at Paxos IslandDSC_0505IMG_9335DSC_0513

If you would like to try some mouthwatering traditional Greek food you should try Gios and Vasilis at Loggos. As a typical sweet-tooth, I enjoyed fresh Italian Gelato at Lakka and you should definitely do that too.

To me, Gaios was the most beautiful place on Paxos Island. It is filled with houses painted in earthy tones while there are also various yachts in the marina. My personal favourite destination for breakfast and coffee has been Capriccio.

Gaios, Paxos Island.IMG_9368DSC_0533DSC_0532Gaios, Paxos Island.

Due to time constraints, I was lucky enough to visit Antipaxos island by boat and rested at Voutoumi beach. The waters were ridiculously crystal clear with white sand beneath.

Antipaxos Island.

As a genuine Sagittarius, I feel like every time I travel I detox my soul. And it feels so damn good.

-Iro xx

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