Why a Crochet Skirt is Unique

DIY inspiration y'all!

Hey youngsters!

This is a very special post since I would like to express to you my love for anything crochet. I believe in the uniqueness of things; I love bespoke pieces and like to embrace the Do It Yourself spirit. So why not make a maxi crochet skirt on my own?

DIY Crochet Skirt

Okay, I never said that I am a pro in knitting but with a little help from a good friend I managed to create this fabulous piece that is perfect from day to night. I prefer sporting this piece over a one piece swimsuit, keeping it see through and playful.


Through the years I have discovered many DIY blogs that inspire me to create my own clothes. My personal top 3 are: A Pair & a Spare, A Beautiful Mess, Aunt Peaches

DIY Crochet Skirt

The pictures where captured in the ever-loving island of Folegandros in Cyclades which is a must destination for me every summer for some peace of mind, relaxation and generally zen situation. It is the perfect place to get closer to nature and to yourself. If you ever decide to visit the Greek islands (and you like to chillax for a while!) THIS is the island you need to discover. Every year I feel like I recharge my batteries while there and become truly-madly-deeply creative!

Plus! Discover a small range of my handmade crochet tops on my Depop!

-Iro xx

P.S.: Pictures by me dear friend Pantelis Baniotopoulos!

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