How To Dress On An Island

Some ideas for those fashionistas out there.

Hey youngsters!

I’ve been in Folegandros island for over a week now, filled with relaxation and equipped with inspiration. I am carefree and vivid. And I believe that this can also be portrayed from my outfits; colours, pom poms and funky details but above all, SMILES!

-Here’s a track to accompany your scrolling-

How to dress on an island.

Comfort is king and thus my loose 70’s style hippy jeans are keeping me stylish yet comfy. They are the quilotte style denim by the brand Current/Eliott. As for the top, I am wearing an old one piece swimsuit in deep blue which is used as a bodysuit. You can find similar on Asos.


How to dress on an island.

During my recent visit to Athens I discovered shop filled with gems traveling in time. The oh-so-unique Retrosexual Vintage Shop is definitely a must destination for,well, anything vintage! I got this retro pair of sunglasses with baby pink details which I truly love. Their range is huge and there’s a lot of variety of styles so I strongly recommend you to plan a visit!

How to dress on an island.

This IT detail of the season; POM POMS! I am loving these sandals which I got from Ammos stores in Santorini by the designer Elina Linardaki.

How to dress on an island.

IMG_8289 (1)

I am high on happiness & wish you an amazing start to the month 🙂

-Iro xx

P.S. Pictures by my dearest friends: Pantelis Baniotopoulos & Iliana Magra!


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