48h in Mykonos

Why Mykonos will always be the place to be.

My first contact with Mykonos, the iconic Cycladic island, came in the early age of 10 when I attended a family holiday. Then at the age of 18, I met the partying side. Now, at 21 I have discovered a totally different part of it; an apparently peaceful one.

Elia Beach, Mykonos.

What I truly love about this cosmopolitan island is that it suits everyone’s tastes. The options are endless. Partying and chilling. High end restaurants and small traditional taverns by the sea. Loud and quiet. Cosmopolitan and alternative.


My personal favourite spot has been the coast of Ftelia. It is the perfect place to chill on poofs and enjoy the yummiest dishes at the restaurant. Meanwhile, you will definitely be entertained by the kite surfers jumping in the air and doing all kinds of tricks. The island is actually the perfect spot for kitesurfing since it’s always windy (no wonder why the call it “The Island of the Winds”).🌬

Ftelia, Mykonos.

Lentil salad with tuna and orange.



Then there’s another well known beach bar at the end of Ftelia, Alemagou. A higher end bohemian spot with a very unique setting in between the rocks.🌊




Alemagou, Mykonos.


I recently visited Agios Sostis beach and it was truly an experience. Even though I was there on a windy day and as a result there was sand all over me, I thought that it was a perfect place for chilling. Remote and wild at sight with its golden sand and cactuses, it’s great if you want some privacy and quietness . Have a dip in the sea and then enjoy lunch at Kiki’s tavern which overlooks Agios Sostis Beach-make sure that you’re patient enough to wait for like an hour since there’s always a queue for the tavern.🍴

Agios Sostis, Mykonos.


Finally, spend your afternoon at Scorpios enjoying lunch and drinks on the terrace. My favourite event is the Ceremonia on Fridays since it’s all about ambient sounds gazing at the colours of the sunset. If you want to “put your hands up in the air” go to the Sneaky Sundays parties and get lost in house music and crowds from all over the world. I love the cosmopolitan aspect of this place along with the ethnic vibes. It is definitely the place to be! 🍾

Scorpios, Mykonos.

The Island of the Winds has so many faces and the one I’ve recently discovered is just a piece of heaven!

Leave your comments and let me know what you think!

-Iro xx

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