Weekend at Guìlín

Guilin is a city in southern China known for its dramatic landscape of limestone karst.


The Sun & Moon Twin Pagodas (above) are elegantly embellishing the scenery of Shān Lake.

DSC_0883DSC_0889 (1)

What a fascinating natural beauty.



Beautifully illuminated at night, the Twin Pagodas are the highlight of a stroll around Guìlín’s two central lakes.

DSC_0961 (3)

Bamboo rafting at Li River has truly been an experience.


A chance to have a closer touch of the famous Guilin karst mountains; a paradise for photo shooting.


Local delicacy; fried lake fish.


The ancient Xingping fishing village.


The Moon Hill.




Entrance of the Assembling Dragon Park which is located in about 6 kilometers south of Yangshuo County.


Finding ourselves at a park.


Peculiar discovery: Bamboo juice!


A scenic town with a truly natural beauty. Guilin, you’ve been lovely.

*How we got there: I don’t want to disappointed the interested ones but getting to Guilin from Hong Kong is definitely exhausting (well, it depends on the time you start the trip/in my case, I started late at night).At first, you need to get the MTR from Central station in Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Afterwards, get to the North Station in Shenzhen to get a two and a half hour train to Guilin (the express one).*

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