24h in Lantau Island

Wondering what to do on a day trip while in Hong Kong?

Of course, the options are numerous in a cosmopolitan city with all that buzz.

But how about an escape to Lantau Island? The largest of Hong Kong’s islands, lying at the mouth of the Pearl River with beautiful scenery and famous fascinating historical sites.


Through my visit, I had the chance to visit the Po Lin Monastery, a Buddhist temple and complex which still maintains its essence and traditions.

Apart from the extraordinary architecture, you can also enjoy vegetarian lunch. Some suggestions are: pineapple bread, fruit cake, coconut and mango delights and a selection of noodles.



The Big Buddha (“Tian Tan Buddha”) in Lantau Island is one of the largest seated Buddha statues in the world.


The statue was unveiled in 1993 and ever since visitors have been flocking in numbers.

One of the highlights in getting to Ngong Ping Village and visiting the Giant Buddha is the  Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car which itself is an attraction and definitely the recommended way to get here to see the Buddha.


The Giant Buddha seats on a wreath of Lotus Leaves which have a special significance in Buddhism, and symbolise Purity.


While the “Tian Tan Buddha” rests on a three-tier podium, the first level contains Six Statues of Bodhisattvas, three on each side of the staircase.


The Bodhisattvas are Buddhist deities which are venerated for helping mortals reach enlightenment. Each statue weighs about two tons and are made of stone.


Finally, the view from the statue is simply breathtaking.

This day trip is a refreshing getaway from the busy city of Hong Kong. Surrounded by nature and the essence of peace & calmness, it has definitely been a memorable experience.

Some useful links for the trip:

*Oh! And a highly recommended site for all sorts of events around Hong Kong, Sassy Hong Kong.*


P.S. Pictures have been shot by Nikon D3200 & GoProHero 4 Plus.
Visit Hiroine’s profile on Pinterest.//

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