24h in Cheung Chau Island

AKA the “dumbbell island” (due to its shape) situated 10km southwest of Hong Kong and in-between Lamma and Lantau island.

Here’s a view of Hong Kong island from the boat towards Cheung Chau island on a foggy day.


An island with 20,000 plus residents is a world away from the suits and skyscrapers of Central in Hong Kong.


Traditional delicacies.

DSC_0314Fishing boats and family-run grocery and dry seafood shops surround the waterfront.



One of the oldest temples in Hong Kong; the Pak Tai Temple. It is dedicated to Cheung Chau’s “patron saint”, Pak Tei – the Northern King.



There are certain golden beaches on the island, like Tung Wan, with windsurfing schools and kite-surfers.


A truly breathtaking experience from a not-so-ordinary island to what I have been used to. Uniquely traditional, it is the ultimate suggestion for a day-trip from Hong Kong island. With peaceful calm vibes through the day, it is a pleasant place to escape from the “hustle and bustle” of city-life.

-Iro xx


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