24h in Northern Greece


“And I told you baby. Let’s take a walk on the wild side.”

Here’s a tribute to the most recent road trip.Let’s start the journey from Loutra Pozar in Aridaia, Greece.


The spa, hot water with constant temperature of 37oC, gush over thousands of years by the mountain, where they create a striking landscape of mountain and forest. Visitors arrive at the Spa from every corner of Greece to either accept the beneficial properties of thermal waters (therapeutic – relaxing), or to escape to the beautiful mountains.

The post is best enjoyed when listening to this track.


The hot springs baths or baths of Loutraki Pozar, spurt at an altitude of 360 -390 m. Created by rain water that penetrates the soil and reach deep, where it is heated, it rises higher and the course is enriched with minerals and other ingredients. The healing properties of water are recommended for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory system, rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. 

And no. I didn’t give it a go cause it was way too cold.

Here’s a little edit in between the landscape pics of what I sported:

Heyyo Urban Clothing Wool Knit Headband



Next stop. The waterfalls of Edessa. The city that is better known as “the city of waters” in Northern Greece.


And one from beneath the waterfall.


Final Stop. Old Agios Athanasios a.k.a. the stone village because of its Macedonian architecture characterised by stones, wood and much less metal. As with most mountain villages in Macedonia, the geometrical location of the village is unorganised.


The village was declared traditional in 1992 and has developed in terms of tourism since 1995, when Kaimaktsalan ski resort was inaugurated. New constructions and the restoration of old ones follow local architecture precisely without breaking the harmony. The low temperatures will definitely make you hungry at some point, so you can choose one of the warm taverns in order to taste special Macedonian dishes, selected local dairy and meat specialties, such as deer, wild boar or pig roast in an earthenware dish, and many others. And of course, you should combine them with local brandy or wine.

Red hot wine & chestnuts. Yes please!


-Iro x

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