Why I love Pastels

This is a post with both a DIY and a stylist character.

Photo shooting on a gloomy day has its perks. In my particular situation I got the chance to capture the amazing pastel palette in my background. The old buildings in Aristotelous Square make the scenery truly romantic and breathtaking.

Concerning my outfit, I chose to sport it since it is my favourite one for three reasons; it’s comfy, it’s all pastel and part of it is handmade. Regarding the look, I am matching my pink silk scarf with skulls by Alexander McQueen with a plain white Marella tank top on the inside. A dark, warm beige blouse with long sleeves by NOT SHY  is paired with my veraman Mulberry bag.



I love the harmony of the colour palette of the outfit. As for my makeup, I chose a nude palette for the eyes, the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics and the all day lipgloss in lilac by Seventeen Cosmetics. Getting to the DIY part, as I have stated in a previous post, whenever I visualise something I attempt to create it (with a little help aside!). On the back part of the denim trousers, two cartoon characters are featured.


All I needed for this, was a pair of jeans which I bought from Zara, fabric dye and some excitement. I absolutely fall for this piece and strongly advise you to try out making one on your own. I matched the pair of pants with my beloved pink Superga sneakers by Suki Waterhouse.


Simple yet unique.

-Iro x





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